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About the OK Metro WDG
​The "Metro" WDG was founded in 1991, by the remnants of other previous clubs in the Okc area. We decided to stay with the DVG Organization because of it's international affiliation, allowing us to compete not only in an environment still reflecting and guided by Germany, but upon winning our National Championship we would extended an automatic invitation to compete in Germany, against some of the best dogs and handlers in the world.  

Schutzhund, and what it has evolved into, called IPO (International working tests) Functionally the same as what used to be labeled Schutzhund, or SchH., both offering 3 levels of proficiency..  labeled now IPO I, (the beginner title) IPO II, (considered the intermediate level), and IPOIII, (Considered the Professional level)  Each level is scored on a 100 point maximum for each phase, all to be completed in the same day.  These phases are (a) Tracking, (b) Obedience, & (c) Protection.  Each level is harder than the previous and is usually scored (by a Certified Judge) more strictly than in the previous level of title quest.  DVG America, our region assigned to us by Germany when the Organization was extended to the US, offers also Regional Championships in each of the three levels of training through 4 regions of the US described as Kreisgruppes, or "Regions" of North America.  Our region being called the "Midwest" Kreisgrupp or "KG".  
Unlike other Schutzhund Organizations in the US., DVG holds championships at all three working levels at the National and Regional levels.  Each "KG" in the US holds a Championship for all three of the levels, building up to the National Competition held at a different and neutral field each year.

Ok Metro WDG has been well represented in these Championships by both our dogs and our helpers by not only sending several dogs teams to various competitions, but by also sending helpers to work these trials.  These helpers have to be selected by either the Regional or National Training Directors and must be approved by judges that have seen their work and approved it for such competitions.

Schutzhund (or IPO, as it is known as now) is often mistaken by the general public as "Guard" dog training or simple personal protection training, if not properly introduced to the sport.  It is often scoffed at by some members of law enforcement, as the dogs being "sleeve" happy, and only being able to work certain equipment, rather than working a man without visual aides to encourage the dogs to bite.  

We feel there is  a subtle difference in the ways many of our dogs are brought up in the course of their training and hope prospective members to the club recognize this and don't try to do both with their dogs in training, as there is a good deal of responsibility and liability that goes with biting dogs and many people are not fully aware of the potential of a one hundred pound dog that has been trained to stop a fully grown man.  So we do not promote ourselves or our dogs as anything more than "SPORT" dog trainers, and we insist on this being the prevailing attitude of all dogs and potential members of our club.  We train for competition and for titles "ONLY", and we hope this is aptitude keeps us in the good graces of our friends, our families, and our those that we come in contact with throughout the world of dogs and people that might feel intimidated by their perceptions of our dogs and their training.  A "Schutzhund" dog should by the vary name of the title(s) that he or she holds should stand for a dog with a clear head, sound disposition, good  tolerance and above all, dependable character.  These are virtues often lost outside proper Schutzhund care and training.

We feel that by stating these beliefs and attitudes in this forum we can save your time and ours, and any possible ill feelings that might occur due to any  misperception that might occur common to public perception of this subject... 

 "All this stated, we are always open to new members that are looking for a place to train and title their dog(s).  For us it all about titles and trophies.."

Bob Armstead - President & Training Director
OK Metro Working Dog Group